COVID-19 Information for Events

Here are the steps we are following to make sure

Beckenham and Bromley Twins+ Club are COVID-19 compliant:

-The Club will carry out a Risk Assessment prior to each event/session.

-Numbers are strictly limited for these sessions, and so you must not attend an event/session without having first booked on.

-Please do not attend if you have a temperature, or feel unwell in any way.

-Ensure that you bring your own hand sanitiser, and use it as you arrive at the group.

-Please ensure that you maintain a social distance from all other attendees at all times during the session.

-It is your responsibility to look after your children, monitor their movements including use of any play equipment.

-We are unable to provide any refreshments, and if you bring your own please ensure that you do not share with others.

-If your children bring any toys with them, please ensure that they are not shared with other children.

-Please note that we will be unable to hold your children at any time.

-If you use any public facilities at any time, please ensure that you follow safety guidelines and use your own hand sanitiser when you are finished.

-For outdoor events Government guidance states that face masks do not need to be worn, but you may choose to wear one. For indoor events face masks must be worn. Children are not expected to wear a mask, and children under the age of three are not encouraged to at all.

-We will ask you to sign in when you arrive, and for NHS Test and Trace reasons, we will need to keep this data for 21 days, at which time we will then destroy the sign in sheet.

For further information please contact us via email


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